Who is ARC 90?

Our company (ETI) is an authorized agent of Global Check. Global Check is a 15 Year Old Company (based out of El Cajon, Ca.). Global Check is a member of the National Check Network which is a subsidiary of Electronic Clearing House, Inc.  Over 120,000 Merchant Locations rely on the National Check Network database. Global Check provides Merchant Services with Accounts Receivable Conversion, Used by stores to do in house financing. In addition, Global Check has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.”

What is ARC 90 No Credit Check Financing?

“ARC 90 is a short term payment plan developed for those who have the ability to pay but their credit scores reflect history inconsistent with their current status. Plans range up to 6 months with amounts from a few hundred up to $10,000 per purchase.”

What is The Cost?

The customer will pay a $35 dollar setup fee per financing agreement and 9% of the total invoice.  Payment amounts and dates are as flexible as you want them to be.  The invoice has to be paid in full within 180 days (six months) or less of the service being rendered.” I.E. a $500 loan will translate to $500+ $25 + $45 (9% of total financed amount) which totals to $570 split in 6 payments. 

What is the application process?

“The system is based on the National Checking System and there is no need for credit checks.  It only takes about 10 seconds from the time you enter the information in to our online system.  The approval rate is well over 80% nationally.”

ARC 90 needs your proof of income, valid ID and proof of checking account. Upon approval, you will setup an automated ACH payment.

You may then proceed with the background check (for firearm purchases), once the fund is approved and wired to Damage Factory, you may then take the merchandise home. The process is typically completed within few days.