Loudest Bang for the Buck: SI Charging Handle Extended Latch

Loudest Bang for the Buck: SI Charging Handle Extended Latch

Strike Industries released its new Charging Handle Extended Latch for M4/M16/AR15 in July of 2014.  After spending the past two weeks with it, multiple drills, torture tests, and thousands of rounds down the range, we are very impressed.

Honestly, we are a big fan of Bravo Company / VLTOR charging handle system. It has revolutionized the way we rack the weapon. Simply put, the lengthened latch gives enough increase in leverage which allows the support hand (instead of the firing hand) to aggressively operate the charging handle.

At $48 to $58 a pop, instructors and field operators have sworn by its reliability.

But then, there are the rest of us, target shooters, varmint hunters, paper zombie killers, everyday folks who loves their AR-15 as much as the professionals. We also appreciate how small details can really make one rifle stand out from another. While high-end accessories can cost more than your entire AR-15, the average AR-15 fan is usually looking to upgrade look and functionality at a reasonable price.

In our opinion, Strike Industries’ extended latch fits this market. This charging handle extended latch is a great upgrade to the inexpensive, lightweight, combat proven US Military  Spec’d charging handle.



To Most, the US Mil Spec charging handle’s design is outdated – It is too small of leverage to engage when wearing winter gloves and prevents certain position of optics/back u sight on flat top upper receiver. For under $10.00, Strike Industries enhancement solves most of those issues.


(From Left To Right: SI Charging Handle, US Mil Spec Charging Handle with SI Extended Latch, and BCM/VLTOR Charging Handle)

For less than $10.00, Strike Industries charging handle extended latch is comparable to $48.00 high end charging handle.

We are not claiming that this product replaces the proven BCM or VLTOR charging handle system. In fact, Strike Industries charging handle extended latch still uses the same dimension roll pin and spring as mil spec. The USGI charging handle itself still shows wears on the ejection port side after few thousand rounds. Still for less than TEN BUCKS, after that many rounds, few mortar, stove pipe, and other malfunctioning drills, we are all in agreement – Strike Industries extended latch made it to our short list of the LOUDEST BANG for THE BUCK.

IMG_1397IMG_1398 IMG_1401 IMG_1402


(Excuse the dirty pictures, these are fresh from the range!) 


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